Who We Are

Sleepy Head is a Sleepwear brand based in Lahore, Pakistan.

Our Story & And Our Aim

Launched in 2017, Sleepy Head began as a simple wish of providing something fashionable to our valued customers coupled with a sense of comfort that lead you to a relaxing sleep. Gaining their reputation as the nation’s favourite sleepwear brand with unique blends of silk, cotton, velvet and linen, the SLEEPY HEAD sleepwear became synonymous to classic styles with a playful twist. Having quickly made its name by creating luxurious pyjamas crafted with the most lavish raw materials, cut from high quality stretch silks and light cottons, the styles have been designed to move with you as you go about your day. After having quickly captured the market for deluxe sleepwear in two years, Sleepy Head expanded into providing fancy eye-masks and headbands for our valued customers. 2020 will see the exciting launch of Sleepy Head’s first bridal box collection. Independently run by creative women looking to serve women. At Sleepy Head we love hearing from our customers and our ever expanding #SleepyHead family. Do not hesitate to contact us on our social media platforms or through the website. For the love of Sleepy Heads

“Thank you for choosing Sleepy Head! We hope you enjoy wearing your sleepwear as much as we enjoyed making it for you. We look forward to hearing back from you soon!”

-Team Sleepy Head🌸