Do you guys manufacture the cloth you use?
We do not manufacture the cloth we use in our nightsuits, we purchase them fromo different vendors across Pakistan
Can I get it exchanged or returned?
We DO NOT have an exchange/refund policy. We share our size chart before hand so that you can be sure about your size
Is your size chart true to size?
Yes, all the sizes mentioned in the size chart are exactly according to the measurements of our nightsuits.
Do you customize your sleepwear?
No, we don't customise our sizes or our pattern.
What is your delivery time/period?
Our delivery time is 5-7 working days, which doesn't include the weekends.
Do you guys offer worldwide shipping?
No, we don't offer worldwide delivery, we only ship within Pakistan
Do you guys shrink your cloth before stitching?
Yes, there's an entire protocol that is followed before we stitch the nightsuit. THe cloth is dipped in water and is also tested if its color bleeds or not.
Where are you guys based?
We are a Lahore based brand
Do you guys have any outlet?
No, we don't have any outlet.

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